After giving a Rancher workshop during the 5th edition of the Java Tech Group Day, an iQuest internal event, which took place on September 7th 2017, I thought about open-source it on GitHub as a series of wiki pages to let people outside this company benefit from it too.
After getting the OK from the Java Practice leadership to publish it on GitHub, I started converting the workshop written as a series of Confluence pages to one of the formats supported by GitHub wiki: Markdown.
Below you may find how I ended-up displaying the workshop images on GitHub wiki pages.

Approach #1: GitHub repo image relative URL

Since the workshop was built as a series of step-by-step tutorials, it contained lots of high-resolution images; see one here. My first approach was to store them in the GitHub repository where my wiki pages were located too. A wiki page would link such an image, but the end result was a resized image which required the user to resort to browser zoom-in to clearly see the image and then zoom out to read the text - a pretty awful user-experience!
Anyway, the image is displayed in a wiki page via this Markdown fragment:


The page revision using the above URL can be found here (scroll down to the “VirtualBox VM Installation Steps” section).

Approach #2: GitHub "raw" image absolute URL

As you can imagine, I wasn’t very happy with the first approach, as it brought a poor user-experience - a thing I could not tolerate for my workshop!
Accidentally, I stumbled upon other GitHub wikis showing high-res images and when I took a closer look at one of their images - bingo! The image URL was using a different domain than a normal GitHub repo would: instead of Additionally, to further improve the user-experience, I wanted to enlarge the image to its original size when clicked and thus I had to resort to plain HTML markup: have an a tag include an img one.
After applying these changes, the aforementioned image fragment became:

<a href="" target="_blank">
  <img src="" />

Please note that the img tag will render a down-sized image, while clicking the link will render the original high-res image.
The page using the above URL can be found here (scroll down to the “VirtualBox VM Installation Steps” section).
The only thing I’m still not able to figure it out is how to open the original image in a different browser tab. I’ve tried setting “target=_blank” attribute to the a tag, but without any result. Anyway, the end result is a better user-experience, so my goal has been reached.


GitHub wiki is a good way of sharing information and it has good support for content presentation, high-res images included.